Sundays at Hope Church

Our gathering together on a Sunday is a really important time. We expect to meet with God every time we meet through singing, preaching of the Bible and helping one another.

The Sunday preach will be streamed via our YouTube channel…

What to expect…

Our meetings last around 90 minutes, with all meetings including children and/or youth work depending on time and location.

We usually start by saying hello to people around us, so if you don’t know anyone, don’t worry everyone is very friendly and you will soon get to know people if you want to.

Singing or worship is usually at the start for around 30 minutes, this is usually followed by the preach from the bible for about another 30 minutes.

We finish with ministry, another song and then our notices.  At the end of every meeting there is an opportunity to be prayed for by our team.

We regularly have baptisms, children’s dedications, welcoming in new members and communion.

For communion, we practice open communion, meaning if you believe Jesus is your King and Saviour, you are welcome to take the bread and wine (non alcoholic).  For children,  we leave the decision with the parents if the children are ready.

If you would like someone to meet you on your first visit or would like to know more please email


The church teaching on a Sunday is mostly given by the Elders and Deacons of Hope Church, but we do also have guest speakers visit us through the year. Head to our YouTube page to hear some previous teachings.

The teaching program is usually following a couple of teaching series all biblically based and then followed up with discussions in the life groups.

Worship Band

The worship band that leads us to a place of praise and adoration for God each week is a mixture of older and younger members of our church.

For Children & Youth

Programme History & Overview

At Hope Church, we want to help our kids and youth to be good disciples of Jesus, walking with Him, following Him and seeing Him do amazing things as He builds His kingdom in them and through them. We believe that helping them to worship, listen to God, pray, have a good understanding of the Bible and discovering their gifts will help them to become great disciples who make disciples! Our times together are fast moving and crazy because we believe that kids learn best when they are having fun!

Hope Tots (Under 5’s)

Hope Tots is for 0-5 year olds. It is a fun and interactive program with lots of free play and some adult let activities based on a Bible theme. The program starts about 15-20 minutes into the service after a few songs.

Hope Tots is available in our first meeting at 9.30am. We normally meet upstairs in Room 3.

Hope Kids (School Years 1-6)

We believe that it is important for all the children and young people to be part of the whole church family, so when we’re safely able to meet together, the children stay in the main church service for the first twenty minutes, then it is off to Hope Kids!

Hope Kids is available in both meetings. We normally meet downstairs in Room 1.

Hope Youth (School Years 7+)

A changing program of teaching, discussion and integration into the main church meetings.

Ignite is part of the youth discipleship program moving youth towards integration into the main family of the church and giving opportunities to get involved in different areas of church life.

Hope Youth is available in our second service at 11.45am. We normally meet upstairs in Room 4.

Prayer Ministry

We have a committed prayer team that are available to pray with you each Sunday. The team are usually based at the back of the church in the right hand corner. They are available to pray at the end of meeting 1 during refreshments as well as at the end of the second meeting too.