24/7 Prayer at Hope – Sunday 4 March to Sunday 11 March 18

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When we pray floodgates open, paths are made straight and heaven comes.

For one week in March, we will be undertaking 24/7 prayer. This involves having at least one person praying for every day of the week, every hour of the day – a great challenge which needs everyone to pull together!
To help you, below are some questions you might be thinking of!

What Will Happen?

We have allocated one hour slots throughout the week, starting immediately after Meeting 2 on Sunday 4th March at 1pm and finishing before Meeting 1 on Sunday 11 March. We are asking you to chose at least one slot, but feel free to chose more.

Each day we will sending out a sheet with ideas on how to spend your hour and specific areas to pray for. This will include worship, petitioning and listening to God. We really want you to enjoy this time and to be creative in how and where you pray.

Testimonies, prophetic words from God and stories of what is going on when you pray are going to play a key part of encouraging one another and we do want to hear from you.

We have a private Facebook group where you can post stories, testimonies and prophecies so that we can capture what happens. There will also be a prayer room in the building where you will be able to write out what God is saying to you.

The Facebook group is going to be a hub of communication throughout 24/7 Prayer. It will be a place for people to share scripture, words, worship songs, prayer requests and encouragement for one another. So you don’t want to miss out!

As part of the week, we will be having our Prayer and Vision evenings on Wednesday 7 March and Thursday 8 March. This will be the same meeting twice so that those families with children can get along without the need for babysitters. We will also have a corporate prayer meeting on Monday lunchtime at 12pm. We would encourage as many people as possible to get together at these times.

Where will I Pray?

Anywhere you want! We do not want to restrict you to a place and you can literally be anywhere for your hour. If you like to walk and pray, then do, if you like to sit and pray, then do, if you want to meet with other people, then do, if you want to be on your own, then do, we just want you to be able to pray.

We will have a room at The Hub available during office hours (Mon-Thurs 9-3) if you want somewhere to pray, in the room will also be additional resources to help you pray.

What will I Pray for?

Everyday we will be sending out a sheet of areas to pray for based upon the vision for the year, everyday will have a different sheet. The key part of this is that of an outrageous move of God that requires us to be ready, we think we have seen something of that through the visit of Eastgate church in February, but are expectant for more.

As well as praying for these areas in your hour, we would love you to pray for anything else you have a burden for and do feel free to share those through the Facebook page (it is a private group so only those invited will be able to see).


Praying in tongues is also a really great way of praying God’s will and if you have never done this, then this could be a great opportunity. A good way of breaking into this is to ask Father for the gift and just go for it. Alternatively, someone else who has the gift and get them to pray for you.

Last but not least, in the hour, we would love you to listening to God as well, because prayer is a two way conversation. Anything you hear that you want to share you can post on the Facebook page or write on the wall in the prayer room at the hub.

What About Fasting?

If you want to fast for the day, morning, afternoon that you are praying for then that is fantastic, but you do not have too!

How to Sign up?

On Sunday 25 Feb or 4 March you can sign up on the paper sign up sheets. These will also be available in the office all of next week.

You can book your time slot by clicking on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cfj2_ReHtLNHO0KXTcZJeG2KvC24WngvPe8_NGtc3TU/edit?usp=sharing to see which times are available.

Alternatively, you can sign up on line through Churchsuite (if you do not have a Churchsuite account then please contact Amy on amy@hopecommunitychurch.co.uk). Choose 24/7 prayer and just follow the instructions.

Remember prayer is one of the most significant uses of your time and can be done anywhere and at anytime. Through prayer, we know that God works with us and through prayer mountains get moved.

So please do sign up…